The Lenoir Committee of 100, Inc. was re-organized in 1985 by a group of citizens who wanted to help their community to be a better place in which to live, work, and raise a family.  Members recognized that a gap existed between the needs of private business and the ability of public organizations to meet those needs.

The Lenoir Committee of 100, Inc. is a private, not for profit organization, that raises private funds from individuals and businesses in the greater Lenoir County area.  Our purpose is   to provide funding for such economic development projects as may be deemed beneficial to the citizens of Lenoir County, North Carolina.  We also provide such discretionary funds as may be deemed appropriate to recognized Lenoir County economic development agencies.


The Lenoir Committee of 100 is primarily a fund-raising and capital infusion entity.  Meetings of the full membership are held once a year. The Board of Directors meets four times per year. Discretionary authority with regard to funding of economic development projects is held by the Board of Directors; however, input is always welcomed and appreciated from the general membership. Members of the Board are elected to a three-year term by a popular vote of the membership. The Board rotates four new members each year.

The President of the Lenoir Committee of 100 works closely with members of economic development organizations, the Lenoir County Economic Development Department, the Kinston City Council, the Lenoir County Commissioners and the Kinston-Lenoir County Chamber of Commerce in order to evaluate prospective economic development projects.


Anyone can become a member of the Lenoir Committee of 100, Inc. Our organization would like nothing more than for every citizen of Lenoir County to become a member. If you are willing to make a personal or corporate financial contribution to the greater good of our county, we would appreciate the assistance.

Members make various contributions over time. We realize that everyone brings different temperaments, talents and convictions. We encourage you to join and also to attend all of our networking events as we feel this will help you to become familiar with the members. You may be a future leader of this organization.

Companies and Projects Supported

STEM Initiatives for Lenoir County
Salt Wood Property (Grainger Stadium)
smART Kinston
Digital Sign in front of Visitor Center
Woodmen Community Center Pool Dome
Smithfield Way Road Creation and Extension
Veterans Home Groundbreaking Celebration
Community Council for the Arts
“A Chef’s Life” PBS Series
SPIRIT Gas Line Extension
STEM Startup for Lenoir County
Industry Announcements & Celebrations
LCED and Kinston-Lenoir Chamber Website Design
Commercial Airline Aviation Study
Relocation Inventive Package Program
Shell Building Partnership
Industrial Park Signage
Vacant Lots – Additional Parking (Grainger Stadium)
Mother Earth Brewery
MOEN Ground Breaking/Ribbon Cutting
Law Enforcement Event
Lyndon Steel
Manufacturing Day (2017/2018)
North State Aviation
Manufacturing Academy (Lenoir Community College)